Who would benefit from hiring a virtual assistant?

Everyone! Time is precious and who wouldn't love to achieve more in less time? If you are feeling like you are being stretched too thin or you never seem to achieve what is on your to-do list, then you need a virtual assistant. It will free you up to focus on what you do best, do the things you enjoy most, make you more productive and significantly reduce your stress levels.

For businesses, I provide ongoing business support and manage ad hoc tasks, so they can focus on their core business. They outsource their necessary but time-consuming tasks to me, so they’re freed up to get on with other things – developing their business, bringing in new clients and do the things only they can do.


For busy families, I manage the day to day time-consuming tasks, to free them up to do the things they enjoy. They can finally get that to-do list under control!  Think of a task and it can be handed over to me - calendar management, home services, reservations, appointments, projects, research topics, manage paperwork, making calls, finding tickets and events, event planning - the list is endless.

The big question is, how have you managed for so long without a virtual assistant?

How do we start?

It couldn't be easier. It all starts with a free consultation, to assess your requirements and work out which plan would best suit those requirements. 


To setup your free consultation, complete the Contact Me form and indicate a suitable time for an initial consultation. Alternatively, you can call me on +33 6 33 61 52 71 or e-mail me at ciara@PAplus.net

How is time tracked?

The hours worked for you are recorded in a log, which is updated as work is carried out. The log will be provided to you at the end of the job / period, for your review. In the highly unlikely event that there’s something we can’t do for you, we let you know straight away, so there’s no wasted time.

Are there any hidden costs?


There are no hidden costs.


All hours are paid for in advance, at the start of the month or pro rata depending on your start date in the month. If your tasks are virtual then these are included in the price.  If your tasks require an onsite presence, then mileage within 1 hour of Montpellier will be charged at €0.45 per km.  Onsite presence to other locations can also be arranged. For more information please contact me directly.  

Where it is necessary to purchase items on behalf of a client, the cost price of the item will be provided to the client and these will need to be paid for in advance of any purchase. The only other cost to you is my time for collection etc.


Should there be any indication of any additional costs arising, you will be notified in advance and your approval will be requested.  

What happens if I don't use all my monthly hours?

If you haven’t used your hours during the month, they can be rolled over for one month.

How do we communicate?

Skype is one of the most cost-effective and easiest applications to use for video conferencing and phone calls, but you can email, phone, text, WhatsApp, etc - it really is whatever works best for you. We can also work on other communication methods if you prefer.  Google Drive is the recommended way of working and sharing files (if you don’t know what this is, we’ll happily get you set up) but we have a number of ways to work remotely with you, once we know what the tasks will be. However, if you have a preferred software, we can look to work with that (any new software would be discussed in the initial meeting/onboarding).

Is my confidentiality ensured and data protected?

The PA+ client terms and conditions include a confidentiality clause but we’re happy to sign a separate confidentiality agreement from you, if this is an option you prefer. We take client confidentiality extremely seriously. 

Do we need to sign a contract?

Yes, this is so both parties are clear on expectations.  PA+ will provide a contract which needs to be signed and returned Work can not be started until the contract and payment for agreed services has been received. For monthly contracts, you can at any point end your agreement with 30 days notice in writing.